Registered charity 1021957

Copythorne pre-school is a registered charity organisation. To meet our constitution requirements, our committee is formed following an AGM by a team of parents who volunteer to give an evening once a term to come together and discuss policies, up and coming fund-raising events. As a charity we rely on fund-raising events for the purchase of toys and equipment. We join the annual carnival in June and staff and committee work as a team to build a float for the children to travel in and take part. The committee is formed of three roles, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, these are supported by a team of up to four representatives offering support in a variety of ways.

Our committee Chair works closely with the management of the pre-school with the setting up of DBS checks for committee, setting meeting dates, over-seeing up-dating policies, annual appraisal of Manager, offering support and guidance and completing annual risk assessment. They can also be called on if extra help is needed in sessions.

If you would like to join the committee, or find out more information, please contact any staff member, who will introduce you to a committee member.