About us and our philosophy

To provide quality care and early years education to under school age children, within a happy, safe and secure environment. Providing a place to be happy and thrive within a pre-school using core values and experienced staff.
Established in 1964, our pre-school can be found at the Copythorne Parish Hall, Pollards Moor Road Copythorne. We are a rural community-based pre-school welcoming children from 2 years to school age. We are registered to accept nursery funding for children the term following their second birthday and above.

We work hard to give every child a positive introduction to learning. As a community based pre-school we involve parents in all aspects of their childs development. Together we focus on providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for them to make new friends, learn new skills and of course play.

What we offer
• We follow the nationally set early years framework and use a specially tailored curriculum
• We have a high ratio of adults to children so all of the children get the attention they want and need
• We encourage the children to make friendships that will see them through to school age and beyond
• Every child has their own key worker who provides them with guidance, support and friendship
• We provide plenty of opportunities for the whole family to get involved in activities and support their child.
• We begin your child’s journey at pre-school with a home visit.

“The manager and team provide a welcoming environment for children and families. Children warmly greet staff as they arrive and energetically greet their friends. They are happy and safe as they engage in play immediately. All staff have high expectations for every child. Staff are aware that children spend a lot of time travelling to pre-school and ensure they go outside. For example they access the forest school, go on walks in the local community .

Manager and staff are excellent role models. They listen to children and allow them the time to think and formulate ideas for themselves. Staff skillfully know when to step in and offer support to children..” Ofsted 2020

You can find our latest Ofsted report by using the link below.